2021 NASPA Virtual Conference

Presenter Support

Presenter Portal

The 2021 NASPA Virtual Conference Program Submission and Presenter Portal is your one-stop-shop for information and resources regarding your presentation. Log into your personalized portal at any time using your NASPA credentials to access important information about your Virtual Conference session. 

The portal contains important details like:

  • Program status
  • Session date and time (all times are listed in Eastern Time)
  • Session format type
  • Instructions for pre-recorded session presenters to record their presentation
  • Peer review comments

Presenters should bookmark this page and check it often as your primary resource for presenter information. A list of upcoming deadlines, important links, and other information you need for your presentation will always be available in the portal. 

Learn more about the different Virtual Conference session formats, submit changes to your program, and explore presenter resources below. Check back often for more resources and new information! 

2021 NASPA Virtual Conference Program Update Form

Still need to add or remove a presenter, edit your abstract, or make other changes to your session? No problem! 

Please submit additional updates using the 2021 NASPA Virtual Conference Program Update Form. Updates to your program’s presenters and other content must be made by March 2, 2021. Any updates submitted after March 2 will not be included in the PDF program book.

Virtual Conference Session Formats

Session format information is now available in the Presenter Portal. The session format for each program will be listed below the session date and time.  

The session formats for the 2021 NASPA Virtual Conference are: 

Live Webinar

In a live webinar session, presenters can share their camera and microphone. Presenters can also share slides, videos, and other materials by sharing screens. Attendees will not be able to share their cameras, but they can engage with presenters by answering polls, typing questions in a live chat function, or clicking the “raise hand” button. If called on by the presenter, attendees can unmute to ask a question out loud.

Live Zoom-style

A live Zoom-style session will be similar to a Zoom meeting. Presenters can share their camera, microphone, and screen, type in a live chat, and utilize polls. Attendees will be instructed to keep their cameras off and microphones muted unless prompted by the presenter to engage in a discussion or ask questions. Presenters may plan to use breakout rooms for small group discussions.

Pre-recorded Simulive

A pre-recorded simulive session will be recorded in advance and broadcast within the virtual conference platform at the session’s scheduled date and time. Presenter(s) will join the session to engage with attendees via live written chat throughout the broadcast. No cameras or microphones will be shared during the session. 

For Pre-Recorded Session Presenters

Recording instructions and a timeline for creating and uploading your recorded presentation are now available in the 2021 NASPA Virtual Conference Program Submission and Presenter Portal. Log in to the portal to review the timeline and step-by-step instructions for recording and uploading your presentation for the conference. The deadline to record and upload your presentation is February 12, 2021. 

Need some help with your recording? Log in to the portal to sign up for a training session, or hop in to presenter office hours - no appointment necessary. All dates and times are available in the portal. 

Following the recording process, you will have the opportunity to engage in additional training sessions about the “simulive” aspect of your presentation, and how to engage with your audience during the broadcast of the recorded presentation.

Recording a Poster Session?

For virtual poster sessions, please use the conference PowerPoint template and break your content into multiple slides if needed. While this is different from the traditional "poster" format, multiple slides will provide the best readability for viewers of your presentation in a virtual environment.

Poster sessions should still remain fairly brief and high-level. As a general guideline, we recommend creating about 10 slides with the data and information you would like to convey, and aiming for a 15-20 minute recorded presentation. 

Presenter Training, Resources, and Support

The Conference Leadership Committee and Presenter Support Subcommittee are hard at work developing presenter trainings and resources to help you navigate the virtual conference platform and create an engaging virtual session. There will be dedicated support for presenters of pre-recorded sessions for both the recording process and the “simulive” component of your session.

Presenters can expect to receive access to the virtual conference platform in early March, but there are many ways to prepare before you log in for the first time!

You can expect support and resources for the following aspects of your presentation:

  • Technical guides and trainings customized for your program type
  • Step-by-step instructions for managing your session
  • Best practices for engaging a virtual audience
  • Accessibility guidelines
  • PowerPoint template

Join us on Facebook! 

We welcome you to the #NASPA21 presenter resource group to support you in your preparation to present at this year’s NASPA Virtual Conference. This group ranges from first-time presenters, returning presenters, and NASPA staff and volunteers – all included to field your questions, comments, concerns and provide support leading up to the conference. In addition to creating an exceptional learning experience for our colleagues across the world, something we all share in is navigating the transition to our first fully virtual NASPA experience. The virtual experience allows for many new session types (live webinar, live zoom-style, simulive, and video on demand), bringing with it new and nuanced presenter strategies. We hope this group can be a space for you to find resources, support, and community as you develop and finalize your session. Please check out our #NASPA21 Presenters Facebook Group (please note that you must have a Facebook account to join). 

Technology Tips

We know that presenting from your home or office will be very different from presenting in a hotel or convention center meeting room! Here are some ways you can plan to prepare your technology for your virtual conference recording or live presentation:

  • Set up your recording or presentation space. Find a quiet space with good lighting, a neutral background, and a good internet connection.
  • Test your camera in advance, and check that the camera angle and lighting look good onscreen.
  • For the best quality audio, use a headset with a microphone instead of your computer’s built-in microphone and speakers.
  • Restart your computer the night before your presentation or recording, and make sure it has all necessary software updates.
  • When presenting, close any applications or browser tabs that are not part of your presentation. Turn off notifications on your computer, and set your phone and other devices to Do Not Disturb.

Presentation Archive

Access materials from past Annual Conferences whenever and wherever thanks to the Presentation Archive. Immediately following events, presenters will begin to upload their slides, presentations, and more.

Access the Presentation Archive