2019 NASPA Annual Conference

The #NASPA19 Community Colleges Institute

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In the United States, 1,200 community colleges enroll over 10 million students each year - nearly half of the nation's undergraduates. Yet, fewer than 40 % of enrolled students complete an undergraduate degree within six years. As stated by Educause, “just 56 percent of bachelor’s degree students graduate in six years and only 29 percent of associate’s degree students graduate in three years.” This fact has put pressure on community colleges to improve academic and career outcomes for our students. As critical access points for many students, community colleges must rethink the ways in which they organize programs of study, methods of instruction, and student support services.

The 2019 NASPA Community Colleges Institute seeks to address student success at 2-year institutions holistically by examining three main themes: Strategic Enrollment Management, Outcomes Assessment, and Emergency Aid and Financial Wellness. The 1.5-day Institute schedule is meant to engage and inspire action. You'll start the first day setting the stage for the weekend, and following you'll learn from colleagues through our breakout sessions. On the second day, you'll engage with our keynote speaker. Dr. Mike Flores, chancellor of the Alamo Colleges District, who will be sure to motivate and inspire small group dialogue. In addition, you will have the opportunity to engage with content experts and other participants for action planning sessions wherein you'll apply what you've heard at the Institute to your own unique campus/department.

The Institute brings together professionals committed to the mission of 2-year institutions, whether they work on a campus or not, share evidence-based practices for improving institutional enrollment; trends and tools in data, assessment, and persistence for informed decision-making; and opportunities for collaborative partnerships and approaches to support students experiencing hardship. Participants will build a network of colleagues from across the country, engage in a diversity of thought, extend themselves outside their current roles and disciplines, and gain a renewed perspective on how data-driven approaches and collaborations can create new opportunities for improved outcomes.

Registration is required to attend the Institute, which takes place as a pre-conference program to the NASPA Annual Conference. Participants may register only for the Institute, or for the Institute and the Annual Conference for a reduced price. With an offering of thought-provoking workshops, dedicated time for action planning and collaboration, and engaging networking opportunities, the 2019 NASPA Community Colleges Institute is the best pre-conference workshop for those currently working at community colleges or for individuals interested in community colleges. We encourage you to consider joining us for this exciting event taking place March 9-10, 2019 in sunny Los Angeles, California. Learn more and register today.

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