2023 NASPA Annual Conference

A Guide to #NASPA23 for Faculty


Faculty programming for the 2023 NASPA Annual Conference will feature over 30 Scholarly Papers sessions focusing on a variety of topics. The papers explore the impact of COVID-19 on research and practice, barriers to accessing higher education, the influences of student aid, and perspectives on student engagement with diverse populations, just to name a few areas of focus. Join us at these sessions to learn more about the exciting research happening within NASPA. 

The NASPA Faculty Council will continue to offer the Faculty Institute, Doctoral Seminar, and the Case Study Competition. Click here for more details about the schedule of events, and encourage your students to register for the Doctoral Seminar by March 10. If you are interested in connecting with other faculty members after a long day of professional development and meetings, plan to join the Faculty Social on Monday, April 3 in the Westin. We are also developing “program shorts,” which will provide a conversational space to look at teaching strategies, competencies in the field, certification, and curriculum. 

We are excited to continue to expand the opportunities for faculty to engage with each other, VPSAs, and practitioners about the future of graduate preparation. Join your fellow faculty colleagues at #NASPA23 to participate in everything the conference has to offer!

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