2020 NASPA Annual Conference

An Unmatched Value at the 2020 NASPA Connected Conference

The 2020 NASPA Connected Conference, hosted at San José State University, will offer an innovative and meaningful experience, full of opportunities for networking, engagement, and learning for all SA pros in California, offered at an unmatched value.

Due to HB 3859 in Texas, California does not allow state funds to be used to travel or conduct business in the state of Texas. We knew that we could not move forward with #NASPA2020 in Austin without a plan to also support our colleagues in California. To serve that end, the NASPA Connected Conference will be held at San José State University simultaneous to the NASPA Annual Conference. We are working diligently to ensure our colleagues in California have the opportunity to present, network, and learn together, as well as connect virtually to the best content streaming live from #NASPA2020.

We are excited to share the full schedule with you, including descriptions of the exceptional educational sessions being presented in-person by your California colleagues, as well as presentations that will be streamed live from #NASPA2020 in Austin.

The 2020 NASPA Connected Conference will focus on four core topic areas, aligned with the core areas of the 2020 NASPA Annual Conference:

Defining Student Success

As student affairs professionals, we must be innovative in our design of cross-divisional approaches that contribute to student success. We must create a holistic and supportive university environment in a manner that resonates with today’s college students, and empower our students to navigate the myriad issues threatening to disrupt their success.

Collaborations and Partnerships

With diminishing resources and budgets, collaborations and partnerships are necessary to support student success in higher education. Collaboration encourages creativity and innovation, builds relationships, offers a greater depth of knowledge, benefits all parties personally and professionally, and introduces us to new people and ideas. We must seek, encourage, and cultivate new partnerships inside and outside of institutions. We must challenge ourselves to form relationships and partnerships outside of the established frameworks and traditions of our institutional structures.

Advocacy and Activism

Higher education is under scrutiny from the government, parents, employers, and others who question its value proposition. Student affairs educators must provide the best environment for students in an increasingly diverse student population with shifting expectations from stakeholders. We have a responsibility to improve the narrative about the true value of higher education by educating and inspiring students for leadership in our communities.

Redefining and Realigning the Student Affairs Profession

Current leaders of the student affairs profession inspire and transform lives within the profession. However, as the field and its leadership diversifies, generationally, demographically, and functionally, tensions now exist among the existing narratives and the lived experience of some student affairs professionals. We must continue to evolve and investigate how the demographics of students who enroll in our campuses change the ways that we evolve and realign the student affairs profession.

Please note that you must be an employee at a California institution to register for the Connected Conference. At this time we are unable to accept registrations from individuals who work outside of the state.

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