2020 NASPA Annual Conference

Calling All First-Time Attendees!


Hi Everyone! My name is Amanda Dickinson Beirne and I serve as the Chair of the NASPA First Time Attendee Sub-Committee for Austin 2020. The First Time Attendee Sub-Committee is tasked with creating inclusive spaces for people attending their first NASPA annual conference as well as sharing as much information as possible to get you ready to take on Austin. While the 2020 Annual Conference is still a few months away, it’s never too late to start networking with other first-time attendees!  

Are you a first-time attendee to the annual conference? Do you know someone who is going to their first annual conference this year? If so, I want to invite you to join the #NASPA2020 First Time Attendees Facebook page!

In our digital age, the power of social media to create and sustain connections is more prevalent than ever. The First Time Attendee Facebook page is intended to be a place for community building before, during, and after the conference to connect and learn as well as encourage first time attendees across all levels to find common ground and build your network before arriving in the Lone Star State. The Facebook page is a fantastic place to ask questions, engage with other first-time attendees, and receive important updates as you gear up to attend your first NASPA annual conference. You can look forward to posts centered around general conference attendance, navigating the MyNASPA app, advice on places and spaces in the conference center and around Austin, and more!

As we begin the countdown to the annual conference, please continue to check the Facebook page regularly for tips and tricks, announcements, events, webinars, and other key initiatives specifically created for first-time attendees. Join the Facebook page now and get access to exclusive topics such as how to navigate the conference as an introvert, clarification around sessions and events that are free and those that cost money, how to maximize your time at the conference if you don’t know other SA Pros who are attending the conference, and the low down on NASPA abbreviations and conference lingo.  

I’m already excited about the warm weather in Texas and am looking forward to breakfast tacos in Austin, reconnecting with the many #SApros I have the privilege of calling friends and mentors, and meeting new people- especially the amazing first-time attendees!

Start planning your #NASPA2020 experience today and be sure to join the Facebook page! 

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