2021 NASPA Virtual Conference

Excellence in Fraternity and Sorority Life Initiative

For a number of years, NASPA has served as a convener of important stakeholder conversations about fraternity and sorority life (FSL) and the challenges and opportunities connected with it on college and university campuses. In October 2019, NASPA hosted the Fraternity and Sorority Life Summit at the University of Houston; the Summit was attended by nearly 280 representatives of colleges and universities, inter/national organizations, and professional associations.

As an outcome of the Summit, NASPA established five “Excellence in Fraternity and Sorority Life” working groups to develop recommendations for action to improve Fraternity and Sorority Life in higher education. Four working groups are coordinated by NASPA, and the fifth is led by the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors (AFA). The working groups’ foci, which reflect the highest priority topics for Summit participants, include:

  • New Member/Recruitment Process
  • Health, Safety, and Well-being
  • Fraternity and Sorority Life Staffing
  • Designing the Disciplinary Process for Chapters
  • Communications Standards between Organizations and Institutions

The topics of equity, inclusion, and social justice received much attention during the Summit, and participants determined that each of the five working groups must attend to these critical topics in their work rather than establish a separate, potentially “siloed” working group for those topics.

Working groups began their work in January 2020 and, with some fits and starts due to the challenges presented by the pandemic, have continued to meet for the past year. Their work and recommendations were shaped not only by the deep expertise of working group members but also by invited resources submitted for consideration by FSL stakeholders, broadly defined.

Before submitting final reports to the NASPA office and, ultimately, the NASPA Board of Directors, the working groups will provide two opportunities for stakeholder review and feedback about the draft reports and recommendations:

  1. The draft materials will be made available to attendees of the NASPA Virtual Conference in March 2021, and working group leaders will conduct a listening session during the Conference to gather reactions and feedback.
  2. In April 2021, NASPA will provide access to the further-refined reports and recommendation to any and all stakeholders and invite written feedback and input.

Following these two stakeholder feedback processes, working groups will refine their reports and recommendations before submitting them to the NASPA office in early-June 2020.

The first of the above-described processes is underway. All attendees of the NASPA Virtual Conference, and members of the Fraternity and Sorority Knowledge Community in particular,  were invited to review the draft reports below and to attend the NASPA FSL Working Groups Listening Session on Friday, March 26, 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. ET. You can view the presentations presented during the listening sessions here.

Excellence in Fraternity and Sorority Life Working Groups Draft Reports

A list of members of the Excellence in Fraternity and Sorority Life Working Groups is available here. If you have questions about the Excellence in Fraternity and Sorority Life Initiative or comments about the draft reports, or to be added to the list of stakeholders who will be specifically included in the April 2021 process described above, please click here.

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