2020 NASPA Annual Conference

Nursing at NASPA


I remember the first time I had the opportunity to travel after having Avery, my first-born. I was five months post-partum, and breastmilk was still the main source of her nourishment. Feeling anxiety over leaving her at home, I channeled my energy into hours of researching and creating a plan to stay on schedule and successfully make it home with all my pumped breastmilk. Even with all my preparation, I still had to adjust throughout the trip. 

If you are traveling to the 2020 NASPA Annual Conference while being responsible for feeding little ones, know that you are not alone. NASPA and the Austin Convention Center are excited for you to attend and have dedicated spaces to help make this conference a positive experience for you.

At the 2020 NASPA Annual Conference, the Austin Convention Center will have 3 lactation rooms available. Each lactation room has a comfy chair, access to an electrical outlet, a changing table, and a refrigerator. The locations of these rooms will be identified on the Austin Convention Center map. One is located on the first floor near the registration desks, another is located on the third floor near breakout rooms, and the third lactation room is a mobile unit that will be located on the fourth floor near the breakout rooms. The lactation room on the third floor is what I am calling the Lactation Suite. This room includes two chairs, much more square footage than one would imagine, and a sink.

If you prefer to travel back to your hotel room, the HQ hotels are just minutes away from the Austin Convention Center. Walking times from all official hotels to the Austin Convention Center are available to help you plan out logistics. It is realistic for most people to travel back to their room during one educational session and make it back to the Austin Convention Center for the next session.

If you are traveling by plane, you can find all the places to breastfeed or pump at Personally, the S.A.M.S. Facebook Group (Student Affairs MomS) has been a lifeline of tips and advice from moms in our field.

These days, I have new challenges when it comes to feeding my kids – specifically, getting them to eat more than mac and cheese or grilled cheese – but I am thankful for the opportunity I had to provide nourishment for them while traveling and continuing to develop professionally. 

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