2020 NASPA Annual Conference

Relaxation at NASPA

How often have we heard the saying you can’t pour from an empty glass?
It will not be long until more than approximately 7,000 attendees convene for the 2020 NASPA Annual Conference in Austin, TX. With a packed schedule of engaging programs and unique experiences, it is also important for attendees to take care of themselves throughout their conference experience.

Fortunately, there are activities for relaxation, self-care, and wellness at #NASPA2020.

Relax & Recharge in the Sensory Area/Quiet Space

Take a break from the busyness of conferencing in the NASPA Sensory Area/Quiet Space. This room is intended to provide a quiet, calm space where conference attendees can spend time away from the noise, lights, and other stimuli of conference spaces.

Curate your own mindfulness experience with meditation and mindfulness playlists available on Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora.


Whether you are new to this artful practice or a seasoned yogi, come and join fellow NASPA colleagues for an opportunity to dig deeper into the intention and meaning behind what you say, what you do, and how you move through this world. Free, open to all abilities, a limited number of mats provided (first-come, first-served).

Street Art Tour

Does art relax you? Take a break and explore one of Austin's largest concentrations of public art on the NASPA Street Art Tour. You'll be able to see works by world-famous artists and hear real stories about the underground art scene in Austin. Learn more about the tour here.

Back on My Feet Run

If running relaxes you, kickstart your day on Monday, March 30 at 5:30 a.m., with a special run led by Back on My Feet.

Body Resistance HIIT

Need to release some tension? HIIT it out with Body Resistance HIIT (high-intensity interval training), a workout that alternates between short bursts of exercise and less intense active recovery. Best of all, no weights! We'll be using our own body to create resistance. Free, open to all abilities.

Learn more about wellness and special activities at #NASPA2020.

And if none of these activities spark your interests, check out these tips for relaxation at NASPA:

Organize and plan your days

Take some stress out of your conference experience by pre-planning sessions and activities you’re interested in before beginning your conference experience.  

Drink some green tea

Coffee may give us that great caffeine kick that we love, but green tea has many health benefits that have been associated with relaxation, as well as increased brain function, physical performance, and more.  

Chew gum

Besides keeping your breath fresh after drinking coffee or tea, chewing gum is also a proven way to reduce your stress levels. So get you a fresh pack of gum for your conference experience.

Give yourself a hand massage

Believe it or not, simply rubbing your hands together firmly can alleviate stress and bring on a sense of calmness. Place one thumb in-between your opposite hand’s thumb and fingers, and gently massage the pad below your thumb. For added effect, use a lotion with a calming scent like lavender.


Give yourself a good stretch throughout the day.

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