2023 NASPA Annual Conference

Seven Reasons to Volunteer at #NASPA23


Each year NASPA asks for volunteers to help plan, coordinate, and execute the NASPA Annual Conference. And each year, hundreds of student affairs professionals from around the country step up to help. Maybe you’ve thought about volunteering yourself, or, maybe you’ve been one of the volunteers to help make each aspect of the conference run smoothly. We asked our group of current volunteers to tell us about why they volunteer and what they gain from their time at the Annual Conference. If you’ve been on the fence about volunteering this year, read on!

Here is what recurring volunteers have to say about their experience:

  • They love the encouraging environment and the support they get from their colleagues during the process. 
  • They find it fun to go “behind the scenes” to see how the conference is put together and to be a part of the entire process. 
  • They have been able to expand their network of colleagues, broaden their professional support system, and feel a sense of community among the other volunteers. 
  • They love the ongoing professional development they get outside of attending the traditional workshops and speakers at the conference. 

Still not sure if volunteering is right for you? Here are some thoughts from our first time volunteers this year:

  • They are excited to give back to the profession and connect with others in the field and are using this as a tool to stay updated on strategies and best practices. 
  • They are hoping to expand their professional skill set and engage in conversations to expand their current knowledge on the field. 
  • They see this as a “different” type of professional development opportunity – being able to develop and refine some administrative skills and gaining some leadership experience by chairing and co-chairing committees. 

Ready to sign up? Here is some advice from past volunteers: Enjoy the experience! Use the time as an opportunity to expand your professional network, and it will be worth it.

Still have questions? Drop them here and keep your eye out for our next blog post where we will answer FAQs about volunteering.

See you in Boston!

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