2023 NASPA Annual Conference

Starting Your NASPA Volunteer Journey


The Volunteers Workgroup within the Conference Leadership Committee is responsible for the recruitment, orientation, and recognition of volunteers for the Annual Conference. Our team matches volunteers with various opportunities in order to provide support for conference programs and activities. Volunteers are essential to the success of the Annual Conference, and one of our workgroup’s goals is to inspire and convey the professional benefits of volunteerism to NASPA members. Another of our focus of the Volunteers Workgroup is to acknowledge and thank volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to NASPA and the Annual Conference. 

There are many reasons to volunteer - here are just a few:

  • Whether you are a new or seasoned professional, volunteering is a great way to create and expand your professional network. 
  • If you have previously attended a NASPA Annual Conference, volunteering is also a great way to give back to the community and support colleagues who are new to NASPA and attending their first conference.
  • The field of higher education and student affairs are constantly evolving, and volunteering can also help you refine a soft skill or learn something new. 

I have enjoyed the many aspects of the NASPA Annual Conference and recognize that it takes a lot of people to put on a successful event. As a past conference attendee, I started volunteering with NASPA in 2021 because I believe that one of the best ways to give back or pay it forward is to get involved. I also wanted to expand my professional circle by meeting others in the field and trying something that I don't normally do at my job. I started by volunteering as a program reviewer for the 2022 NASPA Annual Conference, and I am now part of the Volunteers Workgroup for the 2023 NASPA Annual Conference. 

Our team welcomes and encourages you to find some time in your schedule to volunteer. There are many different ways to volunteer your time, whether it is helping someone navigate the conference space, being a welcoming face at registration, or acclimating out-of-town attendees in the local city. The ways you can get involved are endless and can fit both your comfort level and time commitment. 

We invite you to start your own volunteer journey and sign up to volunteer today

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