2019 NASPA Annual Conference

The 2019 NASPA International Symposium

Supporting international students on college and university campuses around the world can come with both opportunities and internal and external challenges to develop them holistically. Per the Institute of International Education, in just the United States alone in 2017 there was a “6.9 percent decline of international student enrollment,” which can be attributed easily to “visa delays and denials, the increasing costs of U.S. higher education, and the U.S. social and political climate”. Whether it’s external challenges creating further barriers for our international students, or identifying new programs or practices to assist international students in adjusting to social and academic challenges, we as higher education professionals must work collaboratively to continue building upon the current research and practices on international student services to make a larger, global impact on our students. How then can professionals around the world better support international students, all while creating resources and tools to enhance international students’ persistence and getting them ready to enter a global employment market?

During the 2019 NASPA Annual Conference, NASPA seeks to address global issues in student affairs and services and higher education by convening higher education professionals from across the world for the 24th NASPA International Symposium. At the 2019 NASPA International Symposium, our key goal is to invite and explore new perspectives and to create new connections to bridge international boundaries. In doing so, the International Symposium strives to expand NASPA’s objective of providing professional learning opportunities to support preparedness for the realities of an increasingly globalized society. This event distinctly benefits those working in an international student service setting, as well as practitioners interested in further developing their global competency skills.

Through our educational sessions, participants will learn best practices and theoretical frameworks on how they can enhance their work in international student services, and identify how some current systems, policies, and practices may create bridges or barriers for our international students. Guided by the International Symposium tracks (international student services, mobility programs, global perspectives, issues and culture, and professional growth and networking), attendees will leave demonstrating knowledge and skills in international education and professional growth founded in research and best practices. As a participant of the International Symposium, individuals will be able to express increased awareness and knowledge of regional trends and international perspectives on student affairs and services, and build their network with new contacts and colleagues from multiple regions of the world.

Registered participants have access to all programming throughout the International Symposium. With a diverse schedule of thought-provoking workshops and engaging networking opportunities, the NASPA International Symposium is a unique opportunity for you to connect with colleagues globally. We encourage you to consider joining us for this exciting event taking place 9-10 March 2019 in sunny Los Angeles, California.

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