2021 NASPA Virtual Conference

Virtual Experience Member Engagement- Inclusion and Accessibility Workgroup

I serve as the Inclusion and Accessibility subgroup leader of the KC Experience team, and through this, I had the opportunity to partner with other work groups of the NASPA Annual Conference committee. I helped work with the pre-con and presenters workgroup in helping facilitate discussion with new and returning NASPA Presenters, and as a committee, we worked together to develop more resources for the Inclusion and Accessibility conference website. Some committee members came from being a part of different Knowledge Communities, and from those angles, were able to work on accessibility and inclusion initiatives through those avenues. The Adult Learners and Students with Children KC representative was able to work on developing active and passive programming for participants with children, and the  Disability Knowledge Community member was able to write a blog regarding presenter inclusion efforts. Through these efforts, our committee has been able to help this virtual conference be more inclusive and accessible in a number of ways.

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