2021 NASPA Virtual Conference

What Fills Your Bucket?

Images of colorful buckets.

The 2021 NASPA Virtual Conference workgroups have been hard at work getting the Conference ready for you! In particular, the Wellness Initiatives and Outside Conference Events workgroup has been challenged to create virtual connection points for the Virtual Conference, in a time when people might be Zoomed-out. In our workgroup meetings, we collected events that could meet attendees’ needs and help the conference become a meaningful place for everyone. We ended up feeling overwhelmed that our “sky’s the limit” outlook was a little too large; there were so many ideas of virtual events to consider. We had difficulties choosing how to help make the Virtual Conference become a meaningful place for attendees to learn and grow.

In reflecting on our workgroup’s core mission, we keep coming back to the question, “What fills your bucket?” In other words, what are those core things that will help attendees re-energize when they feel drained? What activities, or even absence of activities, are sought out after a long week, and what moments are worth pausing for after days filled with conference activities?

Focusing on these questions, and a lot of planning, we are excited to move forward with NASPA Wellness Activities, focused on activity, engagement, connection, and finding some time just for you!  As we continue preparing for the 2021 NASPA Virtual Conference, we challenge you to create your own list of things that will “fill your bucket” during your conference experience. We hope that our conference activities supplement your own wellness habits and needs, keeping you energized and connected throughout the different sessions.

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