2019 NASPA Annual Conference

Crisis Response, Financial Well-Being, and Class Identity: A Holistic Approach (ID 261)

Talking about money can oftentimes overwhelm students, especially in times of financial crisis. With the fluidity of class identity, money-management can have different meanings for our students. It is important for Student Affairs divisions to take on basic needs support and crisis intervention, while also empowering students to develop sustainable practices through education and skill building. SDSU and UCLA will review their campus models of crisis response. Presenters from UCLA's Financial Wellness Program will discuss its holistic financial literacy education framework while SDSU presenters will share ways their campus has started this work.


Tuesday, March 12
3:40 pm to 4:30 pm


308 AB
LA Convention Center

Presented by

Sara Potter, Financial Wellness Program Director, University of California–Los Angeles
Stephanie Waits Galia, Director, Well-being & Health Promotion, San Diego State University
Rose Pasenelli, Director, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, San Diego State University
Serifa Dela Cruz, Economic Crisis Care Manager, University of California–Los Angeles
Itzel Guerrero, Economic Crisis Case Coordinator, University of California–Los Angeles
Brianna Douglas, Economic Crisis Case Coordinator, San Diego State University