2020 NASPA Annual Conference

“I Matter:” Sense of Belonging in Community College Students (ID 124)

Sense of belonging is a fundamentally important human need and motivation for behavior, and is relevant to students as they pursue their educational goals within higher education. The presenters will provide information on the definition and importance of sense of belonging, with specific attention placed on community college students, who are more likely to have historically marginalized and underrepresented identities. The presenters will examine programs at Seattle Central College that engender sense of belonging, and encourage participants to identify programs or activities at their own institutions that can help support community college or transfer students' sense of belonging.


Tuesday, March 31
11:15 am to 12:05 pm


304 ABC
LA Convention Center

Presented by

Kayoko Mathews, Assistant Director, Advising & College Transfer Center, Seattle Central College
Julia Buchans, Manager, Information Central, Seattle Central College