2020 NASPA Annual Conference

Micro-credentialing for Leadership Competency Development

PC 50

A showcase of two interwoven stories: 1). innovation and collaboration between academic and student affairs, 2). A cutting edge credentialing infrastructure based on leadership competencies. The Leadership Endorsement program at OU enhances student awareness, development, and articulation of eight leadership competencies to ensure leadership development and career success. Presenters will share why the program was developed, how the system was designed, provide data, and describe why constructing a leadership competency program is valuable for student success while benefiting collaboration across the institution.

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Monday, March 30
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm


LA Convention Center

Presented by

Imants Jaunarajs, Assistant Dean, Career & Leadership Development Center, Ohio University-Main Campus
Megan Vogel, Special Assistant to the VPSA & Dir of Resource Admin, Ohio University-Main Campus
Brad Cohen, Senior Vice Provost for Instructional Innovation at Ohio University, Ohio University-Main Campus
Kyle Rosenberger, Instructional Designer, Ohio University-Main Campus
Jody Monk, Instructional Designer, Ohio University-Main Campus