2025 NASPA Annual Conference

NASPA Registration and Payment Policies

Event Registration Policies

We're excited that you are registering for the NASPA Annual Conference! Welcome to the Registration Policies section of our website. You can find all the details for registration here. Please contact us if you are looking for something that is not here!

  • Member Pricing

    Member pricing is based on individual membership status at the time of the event.

    At this time, the NASPA Annual Conference does not provide the option to join/renew and register in the same transaction. However, you will be given the option to join/renew prior to starting registration when you click the registration link.

    If you have never been a member and would like to register for the NASPA Annual Conference at the member rate, please create a profile and join prior to registering.

  • Registration Refund / Cancellation Policy
    • Refund requests received by January 15, 2025  will receive a full refund of your order, less a $50 service and processing fee. Please note, orders include all registration fees paid, including the main conference, pre-conference workshops, and any other ancillary events. 
    • Refund requests received between January 16, 2025 and February 5, 2025 will receive a refund equal to 50% of your order.
    • Refund requests received after February 6, 2025 are not eligible for a refund. 

    To cancel a 2025 NASPA Annual Conference registration and request a refund, a written request must be sent to customer service.  Cancellation requests will not be processed over the phone. 

  • Cancellation Refund Request Deadlines

    All refund requests received in writing as outlined above will be processed as a full refund. Refund requests must be received prior to the start of the event.

  • "Bill Me" Payment Option

    NASPA enables* a “Bill Me” function for the NASPA Annual Conference to enable individuals from institutions requiring payment by check to register.  

    Please note: Payment will need to be made by stated deadlines or your registration will be moved to the next rate. 

    *During May 1 - June 30, the Bill Me feature will be disable as the special rate is only available for pre-payment of registration. Payment in full will be required during this time.

  • Substitutions

    Substitutions are allowed by individuals within the same institution/company. Substitutes should also be the same member type so that payment is an even exchange transfer of payment. Please email information for the substitute attendee to customer service and provide all contact information including the title, email address, and NASPA ID#. Non-members must have a NASPA profile and NASPA ID#. Please click here to create a NASPA profile.

  • Group Registration Discount

    NASPA currently does not offer group registration for the NASPA Annual Conference.

Payment Policies 

Welcome to the payment policies section of the NASPA Annual Conference website! You can find the answers to many of your payment policy questions here. Please click the plus sign below for more information about the information you seek!

  • Accepted Forms of Payment
    • NASPA accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and checks.
    • NASPA accepts wire transfers from organizations outside of the United States.
    • NASPA does not accept Purchase Orders (P.O.) as payment. 
  • Payment Remittance

    Credit card payments may be remitted online via the NASPA website through the NASPA profile that created the registration, or over the phone by calling (864) 699-0936.

    Check payments may be remitted through the mail via the NASPA Annual Conference lockbox:

    Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education
    NASPA CL ID# 500013
    PO Box 5007
    Merrifield, VA 22116-5007
    United States

  • Wire Transfer Payments

    NASPA only accepts wire transfers from individuals and organizations outside of the United States, and only when a secure credit card payment is not possible. Please find NASPA’s bank information here.

    Please note: Wire transfer payments can only be processed once a confirmation number of the funds transfer (not the wire order) has been remitted. 

  • Changes in Payment Method

    Changes in payment method or credit card after the initial payment is processed are NOT permitted. Please be sure that you are using the appropriate credit card for this transaction.

  • Returned Checks / Chargebacks

    There is a $35.00 administrative processing fee invoiced against all returned checks or disputed credit card charges resulting in a charge back.

  • Credits

    Financial credits from cancellations may not be maintained on individual profiles. Funds from a cancelled payment may be applied to another order at NASPA’s discretion and only at the time of cancellation.

  • ACH Vendor Establishment

    NASPA is not able to establish ACH Vendor agreements with external financial entities for event registrations, memberships, or publications purchases. If your institution requires payment by ACH, please email [email protected].

  • NASPA W-9 Form

    If your institution requires a W-9 form from NASPA to process payment, you may download the form here.

  • Membership Refund Policy

    Individual NASPA memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • Sponsorship Payments

    For assistance processing Association-wide event sponsorship payments, please contact Fred Comparato, Senior Director of Corporate Development, at [email protected].

Please note: The NASPA Annual Conference may be cancelled or postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case, registration fees will be refunded; however, NASPA will not be responsible for additional costs, charges, or expenses, including cancellation/change fees assessed by airlines, hotels, and/or travel agencies. NASPA will not reimburse registration fees for weather, travel-related delays or cancellations, or other circumstances outside of NASPA's control that prevent an attendee from traveling to the event.