2019 NASPA Annual Conference

AVOID FOMO: Top 5 reasons to seal the deal and hit ‘Register’


Every single day, inboxes are flooded with opportunities for professional development. Many of the ones you receive likely come from NASPA. Webinars, seminars, workshops, institutes, conferences…the list of opportunities attached to price tags is endless, and as we are all too aware, the funding is not. No one can take advantage of every opportunity—in fact many professionals are lucky to secure support for a single professional development event per academic year. NASPA is committed to supporting your continued professional development regardless of your available funding, and if you are looking for where to begin start with our Online Learning Community’s free resources.

If there is only opportunity for you to attend a professional event this year, we would love for it to be the NASPA Annual Conference. Not only would we enjoy hosting you in LA, but there is simply no better value for your professional development than #NASPA19.

Here’s why:

Build Your Network. Spending time with like-minded individuals from all professional levels gives us the chance to meet and forge relationships to help us grow and develop. It’s no secret that student affairs is a small, well-connected field. Everyone knows someone who knows someone who went to grad school or worked with someone else. Some of the most valuable conversations happen outside in the hallways of the convention center or over coffee or lunch in a small café. Some more structured programs that offer great opportunity for meaningful connections include WISA’s Candid Conversations, SSAO Institute, NASPA Undergraduate Conference, Knowledge Community receptions, networking, and sponsored sessions, and First Time Attendee programs and activities. Regardless of how the conversations start, the opportunities to meet people, forge new relationships, and spend time with important people in our lives who may not be next door but rather across the country or around the world are invaluable and a hallmark of the NASPA Annual Conference.

Experience Transformational Speakers. The NASPA Annual Conference offers you the chance to hear from nationally recognized experts in the field, as well as incredible featured guests that bring their own lens to our profession. The Featured Speakers for our 100th gathering are going to be legendary—be sure to stay tuned to the Blog for the big reveals of our special guests over the coming months.

Attend Innovative Programs and Sessions. One of the biggest strengths of the NASPA Annual Conference is the vast array of programs that span every critical topic area affecting the student affairs profession. You can stay in your particular sphere or branch out and attend sessions on another topic or interest—perhaps an area you are hoping to move your career towards. With well over 500 individual sessions, there really is something for everyone!

Up for something a bit different? Tired of the same old education sessions? We’ve got you covered! SA Speaks, Innovative programming, Virtual Ticket, Scholarly Paper Sessions, Poster Sessions, First Time Attendees programs, Mini-Institutes and Forums, and Featured Speakers—an attendee can plan their entire conference around specialty programs. Don’t forget that NASPA’s Knowledge Communities sponsor sessions, roundtables, and socials are open to all members to come and learn, network, and share relevant information around a common focus area.

Location, Location, Location! It's LA. It's sunny and chill. And there is ZERO chance of back-to-back snowstorms this year.

Be a part of kicking off our next 100 years. As we gather in LA this March, it will be an opportunity for all of us to rediscover the rich history of our profession through the NASPA lens. Our discussions will be marked with recollections of the incredible triumphs of those who have come before us, upon which we have built the foundation to evolve from “deans of men” to the vibrant, diverse community that is NASPA today. We're marching into our next 100 years renewed and ready to live out our guiding principles through championing inclusion, inquiring critically, celebrating innovation, and centering conscientious integrity throughout all the ways we support student success. 


What is your top reason for attending the NASPA Annual Conference? We’d love to hear your answers in the comments below. Looking forward to seeing you in LA this March!

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