2025 NASPA Annual Conference

SA Series: SA Speaks and SA Stories

Your story is unique, and now is the time to tell it! As part of the NASPA conference experience, the Conference Leadership Committee invites you to speak up and out about topics you are passionate about or stories that move you and inspire others. 

Speak up and out with SA Speaks & SA Stories

As student affairs professionals, we often have solutions to our field’s problems, but we wonder if anyone will listen to us. We all have personal stories to share that could positively impact and uplift others. 

The SA Series creates a dynamic opportunity for participants to engage with colleagues in thinking about innovative ways to address issues facing their campuses and students, and the challenges we face as student affairs professionals.

Both SA Speaks and SA Stories provide presenters with the opportunity to bring inspiring and energetic narratives to the stage. SA Speaks are conversational, research-based talks similar to a TED Talk, while SA Stories are narratives grounded in passion and personal interest. Below is a review of the similarities and differences between SA Speaks and SA Stories as well as suggested themes for consideration.

Crafting an SA Series Proposal

A program submission for SA Speaks or SA Stories will include a strong outline that clearly communicates your story or topic, as well as a video that showcases your public speaking abilities. The video does not have to be related to your topic.

You will also be asked to connect your submission to one of the conference focus areas. Spend a few minutes reflecting on the call for programs submission guidelines, then outline your story or research articles that may inform your talk. Remember: the ideal proposal highlights your passion for the topic and your ability to deliver an impactful message.