2020 NASPA Annual Conference

Concurrent Sessions

General Interest Sessions are traditional program sessions that last for 50 minutes and are scheduled throughout the conference. They are designed to be interactive conversations between presenters and participants and allow attendees to grow skills and competencies.

General Interest Sessions

The content of General Interest Sessions reflects NASPA's guiding principles of integrity, innovation, inclusion, and inquiry.

Constituent Sponsored Sessions

NASPA has many organizations and groups that tailor your NASPA experience to your location, professional level, and institutional type. Constituent Groups focus on a specific content area.

The Constituent Sponsored Sessions available at this year’s NASPA Annual Conference are:

We’d encourage you to reach out to the sponsoring group you are considering for information on programs they might be interested in sponsoring. Programs submitted as a Constituent Sponsored Session will also be considered in the general interest pool, if not selected by the sponsoring group.