2021 NASPA Virtual Conference

Poster Sessions


Poster sessions showcase research and/or institution programs. Unlike a general interest session, a poster session allows viewers to study and re-study information and discuss it with practitioners one-on-one.

Recording a Poster Session?

For virtual poster sessions, please use the conference PowerPoint template and break your content into multiple slides if needed. While this is different from the traditional "poster" format, multiple slides will provide the best readability for viewers of your presentation in a virtual environment.

Poster sessions should still remain fairly brief and high-level. As a general guideline, we recommend creating about 10 slides with the data and information you would like to convey, and aiming for a 15-20 minute recorded presentation. 

Poster Session Presenter Tips

Poster displays should include:

  • a statement of the problem;
  • objectives of the research, project, or program;
  • methodology used to solve the problem or implement the program;
  • major findings or outcomes and their significance; and,
  • conclusions.