2020 NASPA Annual Conference

NASPA Community Service

give back to austin at #naspa2020! 

As part of your NASPA Annual Conference experience, plan ahead to give back to the local community. This year, in lieu of an on-site service project, and in partnership with Austin Community College, we will be collecting donations to Caritas of Austin, an organization that aspires to prevent and end homelessness in Greater Austin.

Caritas of Austin believes that when every person has a stable place to call home, they can realize their full potential and contribute to our community. They build wellbeing by making sure that people have a safe home, access to healthy groceries, jobs that provide a reliable living wage, and educational opportunities to learn life skills. All of us need a sturdy foundation and layers of support in our lives to thrive; that’s what creates a strong community. Caritas of Austin's innovative, personalized and proven approach to building wellbeing and ending homelessness creates a more vibrant Austin for everyone.

We know that together we can showcase our own mission as educators to help shape the future and give back to our host city! 

What to Donate

  • Hygiene items:  shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant, toothbrushes, comb, disposable razors, toilet paper, soap, body wash.

  • First aid kit: band aids, gauze, ointment, alcohol wipes.

  • Cleaning supplies: dish soap, hand soap, all-purpose cleaner, sponges, cleaning wipes, scrubbing brushes.

  • Creative Kit: journals, pens/markers, sketch books, pencils/erasers.

Where to donate

All donations will be collected onsite at #NASPA2020, in the Austin Convention Center. Specific locations and times to be announced.